The Carpathians

The Carpathians

The Carpathian Mountains are Europe’s second largest mountain range covering an area of 209,256 square kilometres (the equivalent to the size of Britain) extending over seven European countries. In Romania they support a wealth of natural diversity, including the largest area of virgin forest left in Europe, as well as semi-natural habitats such as montane pastures and hay meadows due to centuries of traditional management of the land. They are exceptionally rich in species diversity and Europe's stronghold of large carnivores such as the brown bear, wolf and lynx (outside Russia).

The beautiful Romanian Carpathian mountain range is also defining some major regions in Romania: Maramures to the north, Bucovina to the north-east, Transylvania in the middle of the country and the beautiful areas along its ridges like Buzau county, Dealu Mare and the southern expanses towards Oltenia.

  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians
  • The Carpathians

Hotels und Resorts

Valea Verde
Valea Verde ****
Resort | Cund | Transylvania
Nicht weit entfernt von der mittelalterlichen Stadt Sighisoara liegt in in einem romantischen Tal da...
ZIMMER: 21 Wohneinheiten, Apartments und Ferienhäuser
PREISE: ab €60.00
Teleferic Grand Hotel
Teleferic Grand Hotel ****
Das Hotel "Teleferic" ist eine Legende des rumänischen Tourismus. Seine Geschichte beginnt 1970, ei...
ZIMMER: 127 Unterkünfte
PREISE: ab €79.00
Atra Doftana
Atra Doftana ****
Atra Doftana is an exclusive resort, located on the shores of Lake Paltinu Doftana, Prahova, in both...
ZIMMER: 8 Unterkünfte
PREISE: ab €70.00
Poem Boem
Poem Boem
Villa | Sinaia | Walachia
1927 hat einer der berühmtesten und talentiertesten Architekten Rumäniens, Toma Socolescu, als Ges...
ZIMMER: One villa with 3 bedrooms and 1 small studio
PREISE: ab €160.00
  • Valea Verde ****
  • Teleferic Grand Hotel ****
  • Atra Doftana ****
  • Poem Boem

Erforschen The Carpathians

  • Mountain trekking
  • Rock climbing
  • Winter sports
Mountain trekking

The Romanian mountains offer great routes to enjoy with your bike or by foot – you will be swept off your feet by the marevelous scenery opening to you at every corner.

Rock climbing

There are many events of rock climbing organized in the Carpathian Mountains. Wheather you are an amateur or a professional rock climber, here you will find the perfect slope for you.

Winter sports

With its large variety of slopes and slides, the Carpathian Mountains offer possibilities for diversity in wintersports events.

  • Transfăgărășan
    1. Transfăgărășan
    The Transfăgărășan Highway may get the lion’s share of visits from driving tourists in Romania due to its winding curves and spectacular sights. Also, Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson stated that Transfăgărășan is “the best road trip in the world” so don’t take our word for it – come and see for yourself.
  • Transalpina
    2. Transalpina
    Few travelers realize that there is an even higher mountain road just waiting to be explored. Stretching across the Parâng Mountains from Novaci to Sebeș, National Road 67 has truly earned its nickname of the “Transalpina”. Also called The King’s Road by Romanian locals in the area, the highway has just recently started to be recognized for the amazing place that it is.
  • Bucegi Mountains
    3. Bucegi Mountains
    This is the most popular mountain chain in Romania – surely because it is closest to Bucharest (a 2 hours drive) and because of the breathtaking landscape surroundings covering both picturesque valleys and high-in-the-sky peaks.
  • Festivals & concerts
    4. Festivals & concerts
    Transylvania is the home of inspiring cultural events, comming from the mixture of Romanian, German and Hungarian heritages – just to name few: Sighisoara Medieval Festival, Transylvania International Film Festival in Cluj-Napoca, Gărâna Jazz Festival, Sibiu International Theatre Festival.
  • Hunting
    5. Hunting
    This is an intensely practiced sport in the Carpathian Mountains but be careful to read the hunting schedule before you go on your adventure. You can find more information here.