Club Robelo

Why Robelo

With the immense potential Romania has as a travel destination, we have set out to create a carefully curated platform that should serve as a guide to the unique, authentic and special places to local and foreign travellers.

As much of this beautiful potential is not realised, as individual players lack the time and resources to attend fairs, dedicate themselves to marketing and PR and developing highly functional on- and offline sales tools. By uniting forces we believe we can create a unique, owner driven national platform that can inspire travellers and industry & media partners and generate sales at the same time!

However, the distinct quality of ROBELO lies in its content of carefully selected properties.

Who we are

Our association is a league of independent owners of guesthouses, hotels and resorts, which passionately dedicate themselves to an outstanding approach of personal hospitality and excellence in service.

Robelo's objectives include:
- Develop an online booking platform and promote member locations;
- Promote ROBELO in the national and international media
- Organise incentive trips for international tour operators and journalists participate in international tourism fair

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Increase bookings rate through our online platform; having more visibility in an inspiring context of independent “equals”; huge media exposure; a strong network of trusted advisors in legal, tax, architecture, finance & funding and government relation; matters joining forces in purchasing (drinks, utensils, transport and other services); joined staff trainings and management development workshops.

How to become a member

ROBELO is a registered NGO in Romania and based in Bucharest. Once new member applies and the internal audit committee has visited and approved the property, the new property will become associated members of the ROBELO Association (Asociaţia “ROBELO”).


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information - we would love to welcome you in the ROBELO family!